Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So my good friend Erin is opening a Pilates studio. I am so proud of her. She left her old job working for a studio just over a week ago. Her plan was to take a few weeks to get her space set up, design a logo and do all that stuff that comes along with setting up a studio. But people just love her too much, and her first week in her new space she had 35 clients.

She has no rugs, no furniture and her mats haven't even arrived yet. But she has two reformers and a Cadillac and some Pilates chairs. And, now she may have a logo. Jenny whipped this up yesterday in just a few minutes when Erin said she needed business cards...pronto. What do you think? Should this be Erin's new logo?

My favorite part of the business card? The back.

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