Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mixed tape

When I was a junior in college, I was hired to work the perfume counter at Dillard's department store during Christmas break. My mom persuaded me get the job, saying she had a friend whose daughter worked a perfume counter and was making a lot of money. She wanted me to get the job because they had agreed to fund a trip that upcoming summer on which I planned to follow Phish for five weeks around the East Coast. My parents had spent, like, $600 on concert tickets for me.

I acquiesced. As a perfume gal, I was supposed wear all black. I spent my days standing around the front of the store, attempting to mist any woman who walked by, convincing her that she needed what I was sprayin'.

"Would you like to sample Gucci Rush?" I would say one day. "It's really the new scent for the holidays."

The next day I was peddling Cool Water for Women. The following, it was Boucheron.

And if I sold a gift box? Bonus!

Many people I know would find this job demeaning. But I have never been ashamed to work anywhere. If the money is good, I will do it. My first job was folding clothes at Benetton, then I moved on to....wait for it....Chuck E Cheese's. After that, I worked for three weeks at Kids 'R Us.

So with perfuming paying $14 an hour, this 21-year-old saw a windfall. At the end of my tenure, if I reached a sales goal, I would get a $500 bonus. But no matter how alluring the money was, sometimes I just could not stand the smell of perfume. Those days, I volunteered for the gift wrapping station. There, I could be quiet and work an assembly line of paper folding and ribbon curling. Before the perfume job, I was the worst gift wrapper in the world. My family always made fun of me because whenever I had to wrap a gift, it went into a bag with some balled up tissue paper.

But selling perfume really made me love wrapping presents. I learned how to do corners, match up the patterns and how to get a tight wrap. These days, I love the way a pretty gift looks under the Christmas tree. And every year, I come up with gift-wrapping themes to distinguish my gifts from the others under the tree. One year, I did zebra stripes and tied ornaments to the packages with green and blue ribbon

This Christmas, I think I am going to use Happy Tape. I plan to use simple kraft paper and twine to wrap, and secure packages with this. What do you think?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Due for a party

The morning of my wedding, I had a brunch for all my bridesmaids. They, in return, each gave me a bottle of wine or champagne to drink during the first year of our marriage. Each bottle had a tag attached saying things like "Drink me during the first snowfall" or "Enjoy while writing thank-you notes." Their gifts instantly stocked our wine cabinet. But one of the gifts is going in the closet. This one was a bottle with a tag attached that said "Drink during a family visit." It was nonalcoholic, sparkling, peach wine. I'll let you guess what "family visit" is supposed to mean.

But, if we ever do decide to have a baby, I may use this invite for a shower. Jenny designed this one for fun. I love the cute silhouette of the pregnant belly. I hope I look this cute if I'm ever knocked up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photo Crush

It seems there's a lot of couples gettin' engaged these days, and there's likely to be more as the holidays roll around. People often ask who I'd recommend to shoot their weddings. If I didn't hire Carrie Patterson, I'd have hired Taylor Richards Glenn.

I first met Taylor when he moved to Jackson many moons ago. He splits his time between here and San Francisco, where he studied photography. But it always seems like he's going somewhere. He shot the above images at Carolyn and Andy's wedding in August. I love the dreamy look of these pics. My favorite is the image of bride and groom behind the parasol.

Taylor has also started Jackson Hole Photo Booth, a mobile photo booth that can travel to your party, wedding, event, whatever. I have to say, having a photo booth at my wedding was The. Best. Decision. A few drinks and a photo booth really get people in the mood to party. It really gives guests something to do other than start at you. How fun would this be at your Halloween party? Taylor also did one of these for Carolyn's rehearsal dinner. Below, portrait of the artist. I believe the 'stach is real.

Anyway, you should check out Taylor even if your not planning a wedding. His editorial work also is phenom and can be found on his other blog.

These are my favorite because they bring me back to summer vacations to the Outer Banks with my family.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another heart

Jenny thought we needed to create something really girly for an invitation suite. This save-the-date option — with butterflies, birds and swirls — all scream "girl" to me. What do you think?

Friday, October 16, 2009


Sunday is my 31st birthday. I've told Spencer, my parents and all my friends that I don't want any sort of celebration. I am still riding the high of being married. And really, with all the parties and events thrown for us since we got engaged (three engagement parties, one shower, a Las Vegas bachelorette party, a four-day wedding extravaganza), I really don't need any more attention. But if a certain hubby were to surprise me with this Kate Spade, well, let's just say that would be okay by me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Built for two

Jenny and I created this save the date for friends who are getting married next summer in Jackson. It makes me laugh because — no matter how well Spencer and I get along — we could never, ever ride a bicycle built for two. I think it would devolve into a big fight, mainly me getting mad at him for making me do something physical that I don't think I can do. Like, the one time he took me skiing, and it got really steep. I sat down, crying, and screamed "Get me a snowmobile and get me off this mountain."

That's the thing I love about Spencer. No matter how nasty I am, he still loves me. He takes my tears and turns them to rainbows.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am squealing....

with excitement. I just heard from that my wedding is going to be featured on Martha Stewart's Bride Guide and on Style Me Pretty. They are, like, the two biggest resources I used while planning my shin dig. To occupy my mind, I thought I'd share the bags Jenny and I created for my out-of-town guests. I stuffed them with Jackson Hole Magazine, M&M's, Ring Pops, La Fresh sunscreen wipes, maps and a wedding newspaper that the Jackson Hole News&Guide made especially for yours truly (will post that soon).

I thought about the design for months. I even considered just using the word FINALLY down the side of the bag. But Spencer felt like that was picking on him. So in the end, I settled on the tree with the heart to give our guests a little Jackson Hole memento. Jenny and I will be selling this bag for $12.99. The more you order, the bigger the discount. And of course, we can swap out any initials for the WY.

I think our next design is going to have some snow mounds and Christmas lights strung around it for winter.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was so consumed with creating an Anthropolgie-esque, summer-dinner-party wedding (more on that when I get my professional photos back) that I never even thought about having a ceremony in winter. But whether we like it or not, winter is upon us in Jackson Hole.

Here's a little design we've been working on lately. As you can see, it's not yet finished (I mean it's cold in September, but if this were my save the date for a winter wedding, I'd be unhappy that the season starts in September). I like the clean, simple design juxtaposed with the red. It would look really smashing in letterpress, but it would also look great on thick, white cardstock and raised lettering. I can even see unfinished, torn edges on the paper.

Monday, October 12, 2009

You're invited

Well hello there. For our first post, a picture of some of our recent work. Actually, it's our first invitation suite, created for Cara's wedding. We had the invitation screenprinted on muslin cloth. Cara spent hours on EBay buying vintages stamps. There will be plenty more to come when our Web site goes live. Meanwhile, you can contact us for custom wedding invitations at

Oh, and we don't want to forget, the picture was taken by Cara's amazing wedding photographer, Carrie Patterson.