Monday, March 1, 2010

Another day

It's day two of my promise to blog regularly. Hooray for sticking with it thus far.

The above are some pockets we made from jean fabric, then sewed on the Tetons outline on one. The other (the one underneath) is a "W" for the groom's last name. These are samples we made for a bride who is still deciding whether or not to use them. She wants her invitations to be casual, different and fun, kind of like her wedding. But she doesn't want anything overtly western. My favorite is the one on the right with pinking sheared edges. A label with the bride and groom's name is sewed on the upper right corner. We made pockets for this bride because she needs something to package all her pieces together so they won't get lost. This gal has two to three events a day for four days. Plus, she needs invites, RSVP's and maps. I would lose it all, but this allows guests to keep everything easily organized.

I think they'd be perfect for anything: a casual wedding, rehearsal dinner or, really, any Jackson Hole event. You could package smaller invites completely inside the pocket, or leave something showing from the top.

Please excuse our photography. Our project this summer is to get everything professionally shot. Until then, our focus is getting all our work finished!

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  1. Just meandered here from another site I frequent and I love your pocket/bag ideas. funnily enough I have had this idea (not the jeans) for a few years now... so I am going to share with you and your partner seeing that you both have the get up and do it that I don't seem to have. The pocket bags I want to do will have a painted design on the front and little note cards with the same design inside with possible a little chain to hold it together. I think with your simple designs this idea would be perfect for you both. Congrats that you have all those clients :) and doing part time.
    Hope my idea works for you... yes I will probably still do my version but never fear I am all the way in the Caribbean doubt very much I will impact on you LOL. Hope you use the idea I think you both would do a great job with it :)