Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Best, New

Every week I usually find something that I label the "best, new" thing. Usually, my "best, new" for the week pertains to food.

As I sit here, I have just discovered my "best, new" for the week. And it's only Tuesday night! Right now, I am gobbling a piece of crusty bread, layered with ricotta, basil, these slow-roasted tomatoes, balsamic and the above lemon salt. My husband is down in Salt Lake City, where he is helping a museum take down and recrate a massive Victorian art exhibit. So you can see why this is a perfectly acceptable dinner.

I discovered this dried lemon salt at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer's Market last summer on one of my trips for my wedding gown fitting. I bought three jars of salt, including rosemary and lavendar, but this dried lemon, oh my, it's the best. But it is even better when it's mixed with the spicy basil and the sweet, deep tomato taste. Swoon.


  1. That sounds perfectly delicious. Easy and simple.

  2. Such a great blog. im now a follower.

  3. Dried lemon salt is such a brilliant idea!